You are about to download the "connect to bruce" program.

This will give remote access of your PC to Bruce

1/ Click above to download the program
2/ Run the program by double clicking on the file you downloaded
3/ Double click on the station when instructed to connect

Please be speaking to Bruce on 03333 445950 before attempting to connect as unexpected connections during other work are inconvenient.

Special Versions:
"B" version

"Zip" version

"Zip Rename" 



Additional Info

connect to bruce is made using the open source ultra vnc single click client

if you would like more information on connect to bruce then please visit the website and search for "single click" to find out more.

Security: This software can not be remotely initiated, a user on your PC has to run the software to allow access.

AntiVirus Warnings: Some security programs may correctly alert you that "connect to bruce" is a potentially unwanted program, (which, it would be if you did not want to give remote access to your PC). 

Firewalls: The software uses only an outgoing TCP connection to connect to MY pc, few hardware firewalls will block it by default, software firewalls may ask for permission.